• Landlords should act soon to attract students for the next academic year
    Wed 25 Sep 2013

    Research by Move with Us, the residential property experts, has shown that landlords looking to purchase property to rent to students in the next academic year need to have an offer accepted on a property by 1 November this year in order to complete in time to benefit from the student rental rush in January* 2014.

    Move with Us surveyed over 40 university accommodation officers in the UK, and found that over half of second and third year students start looking for property to rent in January and February for the following academic year, not September as is often presumed. The majority of first year students choose to go straight into halls of residency, but will typically start to look for accommodation for their second year when they return from their Christmas break.

    The average time taken from having an offer accepted on a property to completion is approximately two months in the current market. Therefore, landlords looking to take advantage of the next intake of students need to have their offer accepted on a property by 1 November 2013 in order to have a chance to get the keys to their investment by 1 January 2014. 

    Robin King, Director at Move with Us, says: “Landlords looking to benefit from the rental yields offered by student lets should note the highest yielding post codes and remain open-minded about where to purchase property, not just focussing on their immediate area.”

    “Lower capital investment costs and higher rental prices will deliver good yields and fewer voids, maximising potential returns. Popular student areas such as Birmingham and Liverpool are offering yields of up to 10.6%. While gross rental yields can be attractive, it is important for investors to appreciate that changing capital values can radically alter the real investment potential.”

    “Landlords should follow the usual rules of purchasing property close to shops, amenities and transport to maximise rental yields. A good power shower and fast internet connection are also becoming increasingly important, especially to student tenants.”

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  • Smoking and bad smells most off-putting factors to homebuyers
    Wed 25 Sep 2013

    A survey from Move with Us, home to the UK's largest network of independent estate agents, reveals that smoking and other bad smells are the most off-putting factors to 55% of potential home owners when viewing a property.

    Over 100 independent estate agents from the Move with Us Partner Network were asked what factors were most likely to discourage viewers from purchasing a property. Smoking and other bad smells secured the top spot, viewing a home with lots of mess and clutter was second with 22% followed in third place by the neighbours with 11%. 
    Robin King, Director at Move with Us says: “Sellers often spend so much time thinking about what their property looks like and how it is presented that they can often forget other senses, such as smell. It’s common knowledge in the industry that the smell of pets, cigarettes and chip pans are a huge turn off to potential buyers. 
    There are many things that homeowners can do to combat nasty odours and make their home much more attractive to potential buyers. Smoking outside, opening the windows, cleaning the carpets and curtains, using anti smoke air fresheners, removing ash trays, rubbish and chip pans will all help. They can also put on a pot of coffee or bake bread when people come to view to give the property an extra homely feel.  
    It’s also interesting to see that homeowners aren’t always carrying out the most simple of measures to help sell their home such as making sure it’s clean and tidy ahead of viewings. While any professional estate agent will do their utmost to sell a property, homeowners should also take responsibility and ensure they are doing all they can to make their property attractive to potential buyers as this could mean the difference between selling the property or not.”

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  • Properties close to premiership football grounds rise faster than the average
    Wed 25 Sep 2013

    Research from Halifax has suggested that properties close to popular football grounds rise in price twice as fast compared to the average property. Their research is based on the last decade focussing on 20 premier league football clubs which have just begun the new season. According to the report these areas have strong transport links and regeneration programmes around the stadiums which both attract buyers and can add value to a property. 

    Houseladder reported that in the postal districts of the 20 stadiums the average home is worth £319,800. This is a third higher than the average home in England and Wales which stands at £240,300. The research from Halifax stated that the value of properties in these areas have risen £353 per week.

    Craig McKinlay, Mortgage Director at Halifax, said: "The areas surrounding many of the country's top football clubs have seen house prices rise considerably during the past 10 years, with some of the best performers being those clubs with new grounds."

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